Christmas is the time when families come together

For many families this Christmas, they are continuing to support loved ones on their lymphoma journey. Blood cancer does not take a Christmas break.

With your help this Christmas, we can provide the opportunity for every lymphoma patient and their family to have access to a specialist Lymphoma Care Nurse, no matter where they live, their treatment location or their financial situation across Australia.

Shagun’s family story began when her father-in-law was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Follicular Lymphoma in 2013.

“The mass was untreated and was assumed as a slow or non-growing mass. The lack of information and awareness in the early stage brought us to the where we are now today. He has a double diagnosis with Aggressive Diffuse Large B-Cell as well as Follicular Lymphoma.

"It has been a challenging journey and he is battling this like a king for almost two years now. There is family stress, but we all come together. 

“We want to bring awareness to Lymphoma blood cancer - we did not know anything about it. We struggled and were in denial.

"There is hope and with early diagnosis and treatment one can be saved.

"Our hindsight can be light for someone and that is our hope." 

- Shagun G.


​​​​​​​This Christmas, please join with us to share the joy of giving.

Please give a Christmas gift by 25 December to help those faced with a Lymphoma diagnosis.

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